New Full Length DJ Aristocat Mix “A Reminder” To Be Released In October!!!


Well…I told you all I was working on a new mix, turned out that it was 5 year process with a lot of starts, stops, breaks, side projects, writers block and malaise involved in that 5 year absence of mine. But that time has passed and I am excited to present “A Reminder”, a new full length mix! I need 1 month for the artwork to be finished and the cd’s to be pressed but I’m hoping to release the mix in October.

I will also be posting a series of promo videos on my social media profiles @djaristocat, with some exclusive sneak peaks at some of the tracks featured on the new mix. Hyped for you all to hear it, hyped that it’s done and hyped that I am happy with the finished product.

The website will also be getting a mild makeover to match the new art in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for that as well. Thanks again for your patience and support throughout the years and I hope you all dig the mix, some of these tracks have been in different stages of completion for years and it’s definitely a good feeling to finally wrap them up. Talk to you soon,


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